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Bakare Denies Asking Buhari To Pick His Successor



Bakare Denied Successor 2023

The founder of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare has denied to the statement accredited to him, that he asked President Muhammadu Buhari to select his Successor for 2023, said he was misquoted.

Responding to the cases, the pastor in a lesson he conveyed on Sunday, expressed that his message on the first Service of the year has been cited outside the realm of relevance. He denied ever asking that the President to choose in successor in the 2023 race.

Pasto Bakare in his message entitled ‘Much Ado About Succession’, last Sunday, said he has been obliged to give some clarification on the Nation address he conveyed on the first Sunday of this current year 2020.

Bakare’s words;

“I am constrained to make some brief clarifications due to the unrecognisable reconstruction of my utterances in the media, and the subsequent responses to this distortion,”

“Apparently, and without my participation, it has been interpreted as my asking Buhari to foist his choice candidate on the nation in flagrant disregard of democratic principles. I neither did this nor did I insinuate at any point that Buhari should ‘pick’ or ‘choose’ his successor, as some news outlets have conjured.”

“My exact words are ‘…the third pivotal objective of governance should be to build a strong post-Buhari legacy facilitated by accurate succession… Therefore, even as we build institutions of democratic governance, a key responsibility that history has bestowed on Buhari at this turning point in our journey to nationhood is to institutionalise systems of accurate succession that will build and sustain the Nigeria we desire. This is a task that must be done.”

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“My overriding concern in offering propositions was to forestall the emergence of a new iteration of recycled enemies who will once again seek to lock us into a cycle of doom and gloom at the turn of a new decade.”

It would be recalled that, Senator Femi Okurounmu, a Chieftains of Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, had attacked Pastor Bakare for making such demand from the President.

He told Bakare to stop living a life of denial;

“I think he’s living in a fool’s paradise; because you cannot ask a man who is lame as your representative to come and run 100 metres dash when you know he cannot move.” Okurounmu said.

Okurounmu also stated that President Buhari should “pack his loads” at the end of his tenure and “allow the people themselves to choose who they want as their next ruler.”

However, one of the top Afenifere’s leader who pleaded anonymity said that he is not suprised that Bakare can Denied asking Buhari to Produced his Successor 2023.

He said: “It was this sam man (Bakare) that said that God told him that he should contest election and that he will win and become the President of Nigeria.

I don’t know why Nigerians should be so easily decieved and they still give him attention.”

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