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Assemblies of God Church embarrassed by FIRS



Assemblies of God embarrassed by FIRS

The Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria, has described as embarrassing the posting of the Church by the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, as one of the tax defaulting organizations.

It was assembled that the Government income organization had recorded the congregation close by 19,901 different records that were yet to regularize their tax status.

An announcement it presented on that impact had perused: “This is to tell all Companies, which had their Bank Accounts set under Lien by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) in accordance with Section 31 of the FIRS Act, yet will be yet to regularize their expense status with the FIRS, that on the off chance that they come up short, reject or disregard to cover the government obligation due inside 30 days of this Notice, the FIRS will as per Section 49 (2) (a-d) of the FIRS Act continue and uphold the installment of the said duty against every one of the Directors, Managers, Secretaries and each other individual worried in the administration of the Companies and recoup the said assessment from such people moving along without any more notice.”

Responding on Thursday through an announcement in Enugu by its General Secretary Rev Dr Godwin Amaowoh, Assemblies of God Church said its posting among the class of duty defaulters was a tallness of authority carelessness.

While describing the situation as a demonstration energized by obliviousness, the Church requested the quick withdrawal of the said publication.

“We got with bewilderment and shame productions arranging the Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria among tax defaulting organizations.

“It came to us with immense astonishment thinking about that at no time had religious associations been assessable in Nigeria, and how the Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria, presently turned into a special case beats our creative mind.

“It is either the individual who did this arrangement and filled the productions in some online media outfits did as such out of numbness or it was a demonstration of underhandedness. We state obliviousness as in the individual who recorded the Assemblies of God into rundown of defaulters may be encouraged that Churches are not assessable, or wickedness as the individual may have decided to intentionally humiliate the Church.

“In any case, we request that for whatever aim and reason, the said deluding and humiliating production ought to be withdrawn by the FIRS.

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“The Assemblies of God is a well behaved Church and would not enable its name to be hauled into a demonstration of wilderness and insubordination to the surviving traditions that must be adhered to.

“For the shirking of questions, The Assemblies of God Nigeria as Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission is a non-benefit making Organization and the Law regards That”

“While we anticipate the FIRS to do the needful in such manner, we ask every one of our individuals to resist the urge to panic as there is no reason to worry,” he said.

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