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Arewa youths mocked Igbos seeking for 2023 Presidency



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The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, has disclosed that the North would lobby the Southeast into voting the region’s preferred presidential candidate in 2023.

AYCF President-General, Yerima Shettima in a chat with DAILY POST explained that the North will lobby the Southeast because Igbos were not prepared to produce Nigeria’s next president.

Shettima noted that Nigerians can trust the Southeast to become president due to the clamour for the sovereign state of Biafra.

He said: “I’m sure within them, in all honesty, they know that they are not prepared for that if they were prepared we would have seen the sign. The time has come when people will no longer be intimidated by one cult group funny character who is talking on their behalf to intimidate the country and because of that situation people will always join such clamour, it’s not done anywhere.

“We have grown up beyond that but I’m not saying that the son of Igbo is talking for the entire Igbo in fact he’s not speaking for one-quarter of the Southeast.

“He speaks for some of the groups that are idle which he thinks can be manipulated at any given time under the pretext of speaking for them.

“Having said that I strongly believe that yes there is the impression that they are been marginalised but certainly they also know that they have not put their house in order to start thinking of clamouring for the presidency.

“You can’t have a son, on the one hand, calling for the separation of the country and on the other hand, you are asking to be trusted. The issue of power is that of trust, once there is no trust nobody will give you power.

“Even in your family if they can’t trust you they won’t entrust you with their wealth because you may likely misuse it and cause more division, so this is the situation the Southeast has found itself.

“If they want the presidency nobody will deny them their right but it is a matter of time. Igbos should sanitize their home and time will take care of that. “

Source: Daily Post

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