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Another Bobrisky in Town [Pictures]



Another Bobrisky from Akwa Ibom

The Nigerian cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky now has another challenger in town.

The new cross-dresser is from Akwa Ibom State.

He/She is challenging Bobrisky to a contest, boosting that he/she has all it takes to bring down Bobrisky’s popularity.

Comparing his/her pictures with that of the former when he started the cross-gender dressing.

However, another Bobrisky said that he is far of better looks than the former.

Bobrisky at the begining

The real Bob before the cross-gender

The new challenger posted his sexy pictures to proof his looks

Another Madness in town

The new cross-dresser in town

The new Bobrisky with new madness

You can visit Bob’s facebook page to compare the transformation and the looks

The real Bobrisky

Daily Tells had reported how the Bob’s birthday Party was erupted by the security operatives (Police).

This online media platform understands that two weeks ago, the NCAC DG had condemned Bobrisky,

The DG was quoted as saying: “if nothing was done to stop the celebrity immediately, it might be too late when it is out of control.

The cross-gender dresser is a Nigerian Internet personality.

He is also an entrepreneur.

The new Cross-dresser in town is yet to update us with his intentions apart from challenging bobby.


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