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Akpabio has Responded to Dino Melaye as they Met in the Senate



Godswill Akpabio has responded to Dino's Mockery statement

Former minority leader of the senate in the 8th assembly, Senator Godswill Akpabio has responded to Dino Melaye at jibe thrown at him when he (Akpabio) lost his re-election to return to the Senate on the platform of APC.

Senator Dino, mocked Akpabio, during the 8th assembly valedictory session that he will now be meeting Akpabio on the streets of Abuja.

It will be recalled that the former minority leader had decamped to APC to contest election for his re-election but lost to the former Deputy governor (his boss) Senator Christopher Stephen Ekpenyong.

Remember, Melaye mocked Akpabio for failing to retain his seat in the senate and hail Udom Emmanuel for fighting doggedly for his second term and return the state to PDP 100%.

Akpabio appeared in the senate today for screening for the ministerial position as is name was among the 43 ministerial nominees submitted by President Buhari for confirmation.

Akpabio reminded the Senators, that one of their colleagues sited here, whom he described as “one of my younger brothers’ told him that they will now be meeting on the streets of Abuja and no more at the Senate chambers.

However, Akpabio appeared in the senate in a different way but this time around to be screened as a minister.

In a shift reaction, Akpabio responded to Dino Melaye on what is termed as mockery statement.

His Statement, “It’s a rare privilege to stand here before you my colleagues.

“I remember when one of my younger brothers here told me that we’ll now be meeting on the streets Abuja.

“But His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari has made it possible for me to come here and stand before you.”

Akpabio was not questioned on how he will contribute as a minister but was asked to bow and go as the tradition demands that any former senator should be screened without questioning.

Dino and Akpabio met after the session as friends.

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