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Akpabio call Dino Melaye after PDP Primaries



Akpabio call Dino Melaye

The minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio put a call on the senator representing Kogi west, Dino Melaye after his humiliated defeat from PDP governorship primaries.

Senator Dino Meyale lost the governorship primaries to Engr. Wada, the younger brother to the former governor of Kogi state, Idris Wada.

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It will be recall ed that Dino had made mockery of Akpabio during valedictory session of the 8th Assembly.

He told him that they will be meeting at the street of Abuja. His thought was Akpabio will be out of politics in the next four year.

This online media had earlier reported that Akpabio appeared in the senate as the senator designate.

His word: “I remember when one of my younger brothers here told me that we’ll now be meeting on the streets Abuja.

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The Senator, mocked on Dino after he lost, wounded and taken to the hospital.

In a comic call Akpabio called Dino Melaye to meet him in the street of Abuja.

Senator Melaye is a friend to Akpabio and seems like their bond of friendship is beyond political parties.

Though Dino Melaye mocked Akpabio for loosing his re-election to return to the Senate on the platform of APC they were still friends.

Akpabio was made minister and moved in the centre as minister for Niger delta Affairs

Dino lost in Kogi governorship Primaries and has reconciled with the winner.

Daily Tells understands that Akpabio’s call to Dino is just comic and nothing serious.

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