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Abba Kyari was Nigeria’s de facto President – Prof Akintoye



Abba Kyari was Nigeria's de facto President

Yoruba leader, Prof. Akintoye on Monday rubbished the several empathies for Abba Kyari alleged that he was Nigeria’s de facto President.

Akintoye also said that Kyari was the one controlling the nation’s affairs in the Buhari’s government.

The Yoruba World Congress (YWC) leader in a statement issued by Adeyemi Adeleye, the Director of Communication.

He drew the attention of Nigerians to the enormous powers the late Chief of Staff commanded.

“Our position is that Nigeria is being run as a Banana Republic.

“A country in which the structure of government depends on the whims and caprices of the leader of the government.”

“We are talking of high public officials such as governors, ministers, ambassadors, top federal career civil servants, National Assembly members and, to our collective embarrassment, the Vice-President.

“A Chief of Staff is no more than the head of the president’s kitchen cabinet, the president’s collection of personal staff, that has no superiority to the structural pillars established by the constitution of Nigeria.

“Abba Kyari’s unconstitutional position as de facto president in recent times, coupled with an elected President who is periodically nowhere to be found, has seriously denuded the legitimacy of government in our country.”

Akintoye said this manifested the seizure of government by a cabal belonging to a small section of the country, perpetuating impunity, and spiteful disregard for the respect due to the other sections and nationalities of Nigeria.

“We have a Vice President who has been boxed into a disrespectful corner simply because he does not belong to the self-appointed owners of our country,” he added.

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