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Abba Kyari, dead and buried in Abuja



Abba Kyari

Abba Kyari from Northern Part of Nigeria who suffered from terminal illness was buried in Abuja.

According to ireport Abba Kyari was born on 17 November.

Abba Kyari attended Borno Middle School;

He also attended Barewa College, Zaria.

Kyari as a Nigerian Army Brigadier who served as Governor of the now defunct North-Central State.

He subsequently rose to command the Nigerian Army’s 1 Brigade and then the army’s artillery branch.

In July 1967 he was appointed governor of North-Central State under the military government of Yakubu Gowon.

Under Gowon’s military administration, he assisted Igbo soldiers in escaping from Kaduna.

As governor under military administration, he commissioned a master plan for the Kaduna metropolis, but in real terms the plan was not put into consideration by his successors.

Kyari led the Northern delegates to the 1994 National Constitutional Conference, and was subsequently appointed Chairman of the National Defence Committee of the conference.

According to wikipidea, his corpse was not taken to his hometown, rather he was buried in Abuja.

Meanwhile, one of his sons, Abubakar Kyari is currently a senator and chairman of the Nigerian Senate’s Committee on FCT.

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