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President Muhammadu Buhari to be addressed as Dr. Muhammadu Buhari from May 29th



President Muhammadu Buhari who won the 2019 election amidst controversial declaration by INEC is seeking to be address as Dr Muhammadu Buhari from his second tenure in office.

The president who has been accused of forgery as it is alleged that he lied on oath that he has educational qualification that is stipulated in the constitution. The president’s WAEC certificate has been an issue from the beginning of his tenure.

The WAEC board in Nigeria had issued WAEC certificate to Mr. President in his office, but it was first reported that the certificate was missing. The certificate that has been widely  criticized by opposition party  (PDP) and all interested persons who also join in court for the authentication of such certificate.

The president is facing trial on educational incompetency according to the law. The People Democratic party is challenging his educational qualification seeking the court to declare him incompetent and to declare his rivalry, Alhaji Atiku Abubakkar of PDP winner of the 2019 election.

It would recall that President Buhari was awarded a Doctorate Degree at the Kaduna State University in August 10th, 2018. The president was escorted to this award by Kaduna state governor who did not support the president’s ambition to contest for the position before now.

Below are the words quoted from what El- Rufai said about the president.

Pa Muhammadu Buhari(72) is the only Nigerian Senior Military Officer that failed all his senior military examinations in the history of Nigerian Military, if you check the official names of officers the like of IBB, Idiagbon, Diya, Danjuma, Akhigbe, Abdusalami, Aikhomu, etc. You will see suffix, FSS, Psc, MNi. Pa Muhammadu Buhari has none. He failed the Command and Staff College exams and all other military examinations.

According to the source in the Presidency, the president wishes to be address as Dr Muhammadu Buhari.

This news platform understands that Nigerians are of different opinions:

“Why will you award honouring doctorate degree to a person that does not value education, how much has he budgeted for education since he assumes office, which university has he created or funded to meet up world standard”

“Some of these universities are just business centers, because Johnathan was a Phd holder and OBJ just gotten his own even though at old age, must Buhari  be address as doctor? Yahoo boys can’t get this, lol.”

“What are the parameters used in giving awards, is it given to anybody without contributions? What were his contributions when he was not in government, who Buhari epp.”

“This country is a joke, how did we got here, is there any remedy to our problems, can we get out of this? A man that cannot provide a simple certificate is now be addressed as Doctor.”

“Meanwhile, Suspected billionaire kidnap kingpin, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, alias Evans, has finally appointed a new lawyer after 108 days just to stay there and enjoy his money. This country is a scam.”

“Get ready because one day you will be surprised to hear that Evans the kingpin has recieved award as Peace ambassador from Anti Kidnappings and robbery squad.

Asari the freedom fighter will be honored  while Bachar Lawal former SFG will be made EFFC chairman while Ibori will receive doctorate degree on good governance and transparency afterall he was not indicted and jailed in Nigeria’.

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