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2023: Nigerians Reacts As Akpabio Visits Tinubu, Condolence visit on Ikoyi Collapse Building



The minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio got Nigerians talking as he posted his visit to “the leader of APC Asuwaji Bola Tinubu”.

The minister said his visit was to pay homage to the leader of APC and to commiserate with the people of Lagos State on the lost of lives at Ikoyi Collapse building.

Akpabio’s words: “I was at the residence of the Leader of our great party, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, on a condolence visit over the recent building collapse in Lagos, where several Nigerians lost their lives.

” I prayed for the repose of the souls of those who died in the unfortunate incidence.

” I also used the visit to welcome our leader back from his successful medical trip abroad and prayed to God to grant him good health in abundance.

DailyTells Nigeria understands that Tinubu is not the governor of Lagos State but a chieftian of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Below are the reactions from Nigerians on Akpabio’s statement.

“You should have just say…bla bla bla paid a courtesy visit to bla bla bla.Which one is condolence visit over building collapse when he is not the Governor.

“You never talk wetin carry you go, wetin concern Tinubu and collapsed Building. You no even go see Governor.

“You went to commiserate with the landlord of Lagos not even the governor. No wonder nothing is working in Nigeria. You old folks holds Nigeria in the jugular strangling everything good out of it.
May God judge all of you.

“Stop dragging the dead into your dirty politics. You people meet to plan how to continue your business of strangulating the poor masses and the generation unborn and you come here to drag victims of the collapsed Ikoyi building. Meanwhile is Tinubu bereaved?

“We know the caption of this. may God grant you success in your vision to save this country of Nigeria.

“Did any one related to Tinubu died in the building collapse???
Minister Sir, Mbok those who deserve your visit and commiseration are those who lost their loved ones in the sad incident and not Tinubu.
Is high time we get our priorities right.

“You went to commensurate with Tinubu rather than the families of those who died? You leaders don’t care about the masses only your interests. What a shame.

“And Tinubu was chuckling before the camera during a condolence visit and over such huge tragedy.

“Oga Minister, this one na political condolence visit.

“The condolence visit should be for the governor unless you’re paying him condolence visit in advance.

“Action speak louder than word My uncommon minister. We all move, come 2023(Godswill must be done in Nigeria)

“Some of you have become too disgraceful, did he loss any one in the building collapse?
What happened to the bereaved families?
Just tell us you went there on a political mission which is acceptable compared to the gimmicks you want to play using the poor innocent souls as an excuse.

“If you like you go supported to be your next president , you go just waste your time and your money..

Nigerians are wiser now , you guys cant fool us the second time.

“Your Excellency, this visit is a great idea executed. May Allah sustain the life of The Jagaban.

“Oga Condolence Visit Minister, Send the names to the National Assembly for an NDDC Board to be Constituted. Paying Condolence Visit to the Defacto Governor/Landlord of Lagos State is not what we need, Oga goin Constitute d Board.

“Where is the ELEME / EAST WEST ROAD (in Rivers State) you had promised and boasted heaven and earth to the everyday suffering people on that road, as minister in charge?

“Now, you have gone there to see your Tinubu over an undisclosed agenda and plan between you two and you deceive us again and lie again to us here that the visit was for condolence.

“Is Tinubu the building landlord or the present day Governor of Lagos State?

“Just look at how Nigeria looks today,
God is watching all of you.
Don’t worry.

“I’m not aware he lost a soul in the building collapse? And he’s not the governor. Politicians haba!

“You didn’t visit the family of Femi Osibona,is Asiwaju family died in the building?, bro u no get work.

“Misplaced priorities. Is he the owner of the building, is he the Governor, did any of his relatives died in the building? Looking for cheap association and favour. This are the set of people that should be flushed out of party politics.