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10 things Men find Attractive in Women, according to research



What Attract men to women

Things that really attract men to women, this will amazed you.

Most people wondered what really attract men to women even while others that claim to be ‘beautiful’ are yet to find any man around them.

This research has put together 10 things that make a woman to be attractive to a man.

Just relax and read this expository research and share it with others.

You will be surprise to know that little things are not little when it comes to love, attraction and affection.

Women are we ready? Then let’s go there!!!

  1. Your Lips:

From the research taken from Manchester University, United Kingdom, a woman’s lips are found to be the most attractive part of her body.

Men found women’s lips as the most attractive.

You will agree with this research, when you considered how gorgeous your looks are when you apply red lipsticks on your lips.

Yes, I know you can picture how charming that always is…

2. Lovely and Beautiful Smiles

Lovely and beautiful smiles are what attract a man. Some women can be so scary because of their looks.

Do you know that smiles can make you more attractive and appealing?

Yes, this is very true. Always put on that smile because it does not only make you beautiful but sexy and younger.

3. Great teeth:

Most women’s teeth are something else; some are brownish like old women that take snuff.

My dear, white teeth are most attractive; every man considers so many things before coming close to even talk to a woman.

Kissing is part of the things that will run in a romantic man’s head.

Just imagine a woman’s that her mouth smells with brownish dirt on her teeth, that’s scaring.

Men love good looks though some of them are not as romantic as they should be but a woman needs to be more attractive.

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4. Moderate Make Up

Men prefer women that put on moderate make ups. Most men sees women with heavy make up as artificial beauty.

Research has proven that most women don’t wear light make up, but in actual sense of attraction, light make up is what men really like in women.

So, women who make a very bright makeup might repel the men they’re trying to attract.

5. Voice and manner of speaking

It might sound odd to some ladies whose vocal seems masculine, but be it as it may, men prefer women that sounds feminine.

Even if your voice is deep like a man, you need to apply it moderately.

Women should be calm while speaking even if your voice is deep. Men don’t like women that are lousy.

6. Strong Eye Contact

This is funny; let me laugh a bit on this – Hahahahahahhaha. But your eye contact really attract a men to women

Your mind might be thinking of your eye lashes now? But, capital NO. The research is not talking about your eye lashes, but Strong Eyes Contact.

You have known about the saying that the eyes are the window to the soul, but know this: your eyes are also the door to keeping your lover’s attention.

When meeting with your date, look straight to his eyes and try not to be too shy, learn how to be sexy at looks.

7. Sense of Humour

A woman must have a sense of humour. The way she is looking at you up and down from afar?

Yes, a woman must always be conscious mostly in the public, even while making private conversation on phone or amongst friends because someone might be spying at you.

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8. Colour of your Hair

Research conducted by France scientist showed that women are invited to dance in nightclubs more often: blonde-haired, brown-haired or red-haired.

However, the hair style from women is part of their gorgeous and most beautiful part. Wearing hair styles can define your personality.

9.  Waist-hip

A psychologist and her colleagues conducted a study and came to the conclusion that men memorize information better about women who have an “ideal” waist-hip ratio. Such women are considered to be the most attractive.

This is one of the things women need to think about, good therapy the get good shape.

10. Things you know already

Yes comment on what you think that attracts you to a woman, Click here.



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